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About PIL

PIL Overview

PIL Pipeline has been established to transport gas from Kakinada (Andhra Pradesh) to Bharuch (Gujarat) and includes various spurs and interconnects along its route. PIL Pipeline has been authorized by the Government of India as a Common Carrier Pipeline and acceptance for the same has been granted by PNGRB.

PIL pipeline is the country’s first bi-directional pipeline and is also connected to all major pipelines of the country. Our customers are as diversified as Refineries, Fertilizers, Petrochemicals, Power, and City Gas Distribution. The pipeline’s strategic location helps serving customers on a Pan-India basis. The pipeline is built with a flexible design that allows future system expansion.

Advanced safety systems like leak detection system, environment friendly fire protection system, emergency shut down and blow down systems, safety instrumented systems, Fire and Gas detection system, Pipeline Application software play a key role in ensuring safe and reliable pipeline operations. The pipeline is carefully designed to incorporate main line valves at every 30-35 kms to isolate pipeline sections in an emergency.

Connecting India

Eleven compressor stations (CS) have been installed along the length of PIL Pipeline for transporting natural gas at design conditions. Interconnects and spur lines have been installed for delivering gas to the customers either directly or through third party networks.

One of the  gas source for PIL Pipeline is the KG-D6 block owned by Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) and British Petroleum (BP). The KG-D6 block is located 30-50km offshore of the east coast of India and is operated by RIL. RIL has set up an Onshore Terminal (OT) at Gadimoga in Andhra Pradesh for processing the gas produced from its fields and delivery to PIL Pipeline.

The gas from the neighboring blocks operated by Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd (ONGC) and LNG Terminal on west coast are the two other sources of gas for PIL Pipeline. With connectivity to all major Pipelines, PIL Pipeline is in a unique position to offer transportation service in either direction (east to west or west to east) depending on customer requirements, with a high level of penetration in the hinterland of India. The expected commissioning of LNG terminals on the east coast are also potential sources of gas in the future, either through direct connectivity or through interconnection with other Pipelines.

Route Map

Bhadbhut SG
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