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Vision, Mission and Core Values

Our Vision and Mission


To be the best natural gas pipeline operator, delivering value in a safe, reliable and sustainable manner.


  • Carry out the transmission business complying with highest standard of safety and ethics & compliance.
  • Drive reliable, efficient and competitive pipeline operations.
  • Ensure best in class service to the customers and value enrichment to all stakeholders.
  • To be the preferred employer in the industry.
  • Continuous focus on risk reduction and maintaining consistency with internationally recognized oil and gas practice and framework 

Our Core Values


We believe that passion for one’s work leads to optimism and enthusiasm. It energizes and stimulates each one to give their best.


We think across functions, gender, hierarchies and applaud each other’s efforts. When we all help each other, everybody wins.


Excellence is limitless and progressive. We believe that there is no failure - you either succeed or learn.


With trust in ourselves, each other and the organization, we collectively work towards achieving our goals leading to success.


Respect promotes a positive work culture. We treat everyone fairly, acknowledge the differences and value everybody's work.


We promote openness and demonstrate honesty, fairness and ethical behavior in all our decisions, practices and interactions.